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South Africa is a whisker away from failed statehood, the 2024 elections are a desperate last roll of the dice, and another ANC government is a virtual certainty. Western Cape voters didn’t consent to any of this. The majority of us have never once voted ANC.

It is now time to ask us, the Western Cape people, what it is that we want. That means calling a referendum on Cape Independence!


We want a referendum

68% of Western Cape voters support a referendum on Cape Independence.
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"...We need to start taking the threat of these parties ganging up to destroy our country in 2024 very, very seriously.

I want to be unequivocal about the DA’s view on this: the day that an ANC-EFF government takes over, it will be Doomsday for South Africa.

EFF Doomsday will make the collapse of Zimbabwe look like a dress-rehearsal, and will leave all South Africans destitute – black, coloured, white and Indian..."
John Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen

Source: YouTube


We need a referendum

The DA is predicting doomsday in 2024. We are facing an ANC-EFF coalition government post the 2024 election.


DA promised us a referendum

The DA promised us a referendum before the 2021 elections. They confirmed that we have a right to a referendum.
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“...We’ve said we don’t support Cape Independence, but people should have a right to a referendum to make choices going forward...”
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Democratic Alliance

Source: Times Live

It’s time to call a referendum!

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